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Dr. Pravesh Kumar Is the Ultimate Destination for Home Based Chemistry Tuition

Nowadays most of the students are facing a common problem that is they are not able to solve most of the problems of a subject in school..   Read More

A Good Chemistry Teacher May Prove to be a Good Catalyst

Chemistry is the toughest subjects where students face a lot of difficulty..  Read More

The Best Chemistry Teacher Dr. Pravesh Kumar Is Giving Home Based Tuition In Delhi And Ncr

Most of the parents often think that their sons or daughters are studying in the best schools of the city so that they will get..  Read More

Dr Pravesh Kumar Can Be Your Best Choice If You Are Looking For A Chemistry Home Tutor.

The importance of proper education is known to all as education is the undoubtedly the most important thing in our lives..  Read More

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About Dr Pravesh Kumar

Dr Pravesh Kumar,with years of experience and giving Home Tuitions to Class XI, XII, IIT-JEE Entrance & NEET in Delhi & Ncr

Home Tutor Special Services Delhi/Ncr

Chemistry special (best preparation before examinations)

An exam is a practically a test of the effort of a students and the result of an examination is simply the reflection of the quality and the amount of effort a student have put in a specific subject..   Read More

Call Dr Pravesh Kumar To Clear Your Doubts In Chemistry

In classes XI and XII, the going gets tough. The reason behind this is the fact that in classes XI and XII the syllabus of each subject .  Read More

Dr Pravesh Kumar is One Of The best Chemistry Home Tutors In Gurgaon

It has been seen that the subject of chemistry terrifies a major section of the student community of classes XI and XII.  Read More

Dr Pravesh Kumar Is The Best Chemistry Home Tutor In Delhi-NCR

The old saying that class XI and XII are the stepping stones of life holds good even in today’s era..  Read More

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