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Dr Pravesh Kumar Is The Best Chemistry Home Tutor In Delhi-NCR

The old saying that class XI and XII are the stepping stones of life holds good even in today’s era. Without scoring respectable marks, especially in class XII, a student can never ever succeed in life. For securing high class in XII’s board exams, it is important for a student to possess profound knowledge. His or her base needs to be strong and thus, being reluctant in XI is simply unaffordable.

Those who choose to study science in classes XI and XII, chemistry remains one of the most important and crucial subjects for them. Sincere students never fail to attend regular classes in schools but in periods that lasts lesser than even an hour, teachers often fail to clarify every doubt of every individual student.

Chemistry is subject that calls for in depth understanding without which this subject will never come into grasp. Chemistry is nothing but the science of matter. It is one of the sciences that help us to describe and explain our world. This may sound simple, but chemistry is a vast and difficult topic actually. One can find chemistry in everything and everywhere.To get proper answer and solution of every problem in chemistry one must choose an experienced teacher who will helpand guide one to reach his or her future goals.

Either in the organic section or in the inorganic section, one single doubt can lead to the creation of misconception or hence it can prove to be extremely costly for a student. Here rises the importance of a proper home tutor who can guide a student and pave the way for his or her success. Dr Pravesh Kumar is one such guide.

Based out of Delhi-NCR, Dr Pravesh Kumar boasts of possessing priceless teaching experience. Over a span of 20 years, Dr Kumar has been dedicated in shaping the future of countless students. Being a former teacher of Aakash and FIIT-JEE, Dr Kumar can be relied for catering every little trick to the students which will ensure that the students have a better and clear idea of the subject.

Dr Kumar’s innovative teaching techniques will surely help the students to cope up with difficult topics like polymers, surface chemistry, coordination compounds etc with relative ease.Apart from providing thoroughly revised study materials and objective worksheets, Dr Kumar has left no stone unturned to strike the perfect balance between the theoretical and practical aspects of this subject.

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