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Call Dr Pravesh Kumar To Clear Your Doubts In Chemistry

In classes XI and XII, the going gets tough. The reason behind this is the fact that in classes XI and XII the syllabus of each subject increases by a huge margin as compared to class X. If a student aims to secure high marks in the board exams of class XII he or she must not be reluctant in class XI.

.Class XI is extremely crucial as it serves as a foundation for scoring high marks in class XII. For students who have opted to study science, one of the most important subjects is chemistry. The subject of chemistry calls for a lot of attention from the side of the students as students need to ensure that they understand every little detail about this subject in the bid to score high marks.

Studious pupils attend regular classes in school which undoubted assist them largely. But despite attending regular classes, several students face difficult in understanding several topics of chemistry which include, among others, biomolecules, surface chemistry, amines, solutions and carboxylic acids. The guidance of a proper home tutor can help students understand these topics with ease. Based out of Delhi-NCR, Dr Pravesh Kumar is such a home tutor.

Apart from providing regular classes, a student can also call Dr Kumar if he or she is facing difficulty in understanding certain topics or topic of chemistry. Taking classes from Dr Kumar will surely help a student to go a long way because Dr Kumar has the reputation of leaving no stones to ensure that the students understanding of the subject is strong and sound.

Being a former teacher at FIIT-JEE and Aakaash, Dr Kumar boasts of having teaching experience of 20 years. Needless to say that he knows every little trick in the business that will help the interest of the students. .

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